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Sierra Active System®

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Our award winning Sierra Active System® includes our patented protective case, safety strap, and comfort enhancement covers making it a must-have for every AirPods owner. Enjoy better sound, comfort, security and protection. Each product is engineered from nontoxic high quality silicone elastomer, combined with an ultra-soft coating that enhances the feel, and provides the ultimate in durability. You are now free to use your Apple AirPods worry-free no matter what you are doing or wherever you go. LIFETIME WARRANTY

Compatible with AirPods 1 & 2

Sierra Active System® Includes:
(1) Apple AirPods Protective Case
(1) Apple AirPods Safety Strap
(1) Apple AirPods Active Sport Ear Covers
(1) Apple AirPods Sweat/Waterproof Bag


Customer Reviews

Easy to use, and solves my #1 problem with my AirPods.

Peter B. // Boulder, CO

Bought two sets for my wife and I, prevents fallout and so much more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Christopher B. // Seattle, WA

Awesome solution. I never wore my AirPods before unless I knew there was zero chance of them falling out and getting lost, but now I use them for everything. Working out, yard work, traveling, conference calls etc. You name it and they are in my ears.

Adam W. // San Francisco, CA

Great product.

Erica F. // San Diego, CA

They were great until my son borrowed mine and never returned them, so I bought several more sets as back ups! Thanks again!

Pete T. // Cleveland, OH

Just got them in and they are legit. Fits great in ear and the strap is a great back up. Sound is definitely improved cause of how well the fit is.

Adam M. // Columbus, OH

Amazing!!! Definitely helps while biking and running.

Jason K. // Denver, CO

I just got mine!!!! I can’t wait to use them!

Katherine J. // Jersey City, NJ

I bought a pair to use with my AirPods everyday in gym. They don’t fall out of my ears, these are awesome. The case  is really cool as well. Love it.

Damien A. // Savannah, GA

I’m training for a marathon in Orlando and these help out soooooo much! THANK YOU!

Caleb S. // Waco, TX

Love mine!

Brittany S. // New York City, NY

Got my order quickly. great product for the price.

Randolph S. // Hilo, HI